Black Cards & Broken Time Lines!

By Blerd’s Eyeview Welp, we knew it! And still we were only here for Keaton! Turns out The Flash was not the billion dollar film WB expected it to be. And you know what else? We’re talking about it!! The highs, the lows….THE CGI!! Plus, how did you you spend your Juneteenth? We celebrated by […]

Getting Blerdy with Breshea Anglen

By. Blerds Eye View We’re talking to a rising star in the Blerd community! Breshea is a young adult fantasy author with a penchant for penning stories with magical realism, romance, and adventure, centering BIPOC characters. She attended Bowling Green State University and obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Education. After graduating from […]

The MCU Fight Club

By. Blerds Eye View We are talking the best and worst MCU fights and beat downs! (No worries John Walker, you made both lists! ) 31 films, 8 television series. Who had the worst battles and who had the beat downs that gave you the stank face? (Tony Stank to be exact) tune in Tuesday […]


By. Blerds Eyeview Alright!! We are finally getting to do our review on The Mandolorian season 3!! Everything from IG-11, cursing Anzellans, Lizzo and Jack Black in all their Regalness and Chicken nuggies? Thursday 9pm est on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch! You know how we do so you don’t want to miss this one! What […]