Calvin Chambers, Icarrus Metro Comics Founder

By Blerd’s Eyeview Blerd’s Eye View chatted with Calvin Chambers, Founder of Icarus Metro Comics. Icarus Metro produces comic books, short stories, film and animation, podcasting, video content, and more. Plus, we discuss the chair match that has the WWE envious, comic book faceoffs we need to see and is it ‘Bama Beatdown, Fade in […]

The Good, The Bad, The Trilogy!

By. Blerds Eye View Fresh off a fantastic trilogy by James Gunn, we decided to dive into other franchises that either were good as trilogies or should have stopped!! The Good, The Bad, The Trilogy!!! Which ones were the truth and which ones were good!!

Let Her Cook!! With Mary Lou Davis By. Blerds Eye View We are talking to Mary Lou Davis aka @geeksandgrubs!!! Chef Mary Lou Davis, the San Antonio native who took second place in the 19th season of the TV cooking competition Hell’s Kitchen, is more than just your average chef: she’s also an avid cosplayer. Chef Mary Lou combines her love […]

GOTG Vol. 3 Review with spoilers!!

By. Blerds Eye View That’s right!! The Guardians of The Galaxy aren’t the only ones who know to handle business!! Tuesday 5/23/23 8:30 pm est We’re doing the full review of third installment of GOTG Vol. 3! The highs, the lows, the soundtrack and James Gunn!! Be sure to tap in and tell your favorite […]

Blerds Eye View: Frosted Fangs Review

By. Blerds Eye View Chris Fury gives his review on our latest item exclusive, The Frosted Fangs cereal box!! Paying homage to the 1995 Black Horror Comedy Vampire in Brooklyn starring Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, John Witherspoon, Kadeem Hardison and Allen Payne

Horror Talk With Sylvester Barzey

By. Blerds Eye View How do you close out a trilogy? Ask James Gunn, further reaching implications of the WGA strike and comic book reviews! Plus, Sylvester Barzey is on the ship to talk about Planet Dead!! Sylvester Barzey is a best selling horror and fantasy author who grew up in Bronx, NY and was […]