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September 2023 Unboxing


Thank you to Dames For Games and Black Voices In Gaming for collaborating with us.

Use the links in the caption to visit each creator’s page to learn more about them and support their other great works!
Let’s jump into it!

Demon Slayer  X  Jim Lee X-Men Poster, Part 3 of 4

In 2023, each box will have 1 part of our homage to Jim Lee’s classic X-Men covers. 

Our third box features Tanjiro, Inosuke & Tengen.

What will be in our next box? 

Lanyard / Badge

Mortal Kombat Tee

What is Scorpion had his own BBQ spot?

Winter Artwork designed this Toasty tee. 

Comic – Terminus Veil 

Step into the action and follow the Guardians International Security Group on an epic sci-fi quest. Billowing explosions, shadowed figures, high stakes, and close calls – the Terminus Veil comic gives you an adrenaline rush with gripping, immersive artwork.

Terminus Veil was created by Jack Harris Jr.

Novel – Slay

By day, seventeen-year-old Kiera Johnson is an honors student, a math tutor, and one of the only Black kids at Jefferson Academy. But at home, she joins hundreds of thousands of Black gamers who duel worldwide as Nubian personas in the secret multiplayer online role-playing card game, SLAY.

Written by Brittney Morris

Poster – Urbosa

The leader of the Gerudo and one of the four Champions who help Princess Zelda and Link to protect Hyrule from Calamity Ganon. Breath of the Wild never looked so good. 

Created by Mela Mochi

Poster – Yoshi

Kiera Davis is a talented illustrator and we’re fortunate to have her design Mario’s running buddy – Yoshi.

Check out Kiera’s Instagram page for more amazing artwork.

Postcard – Hobie Brown

Playstation’s Spider-Man 2 is about to drop. Of course we needed have a Spider-Man in our mystery box.

 This postcard was designed by the always talented Gigi Murakami.

Coloring Page – Kenny’s Chicks & Controller

Take a break while your game saves and color this page. The artwork was created by Breony Jones. 

Check out her Instagram page for more colorful art.

Pin – Dames For Games / Black Voices in Gaming


Pin – Fadesgiving

Never Forget 😉

Sticker – Dames For Games

Sticker – Blerd Fighter Caliber

Blerd hit us with the Sonic Boom with their latest holographic sticker.

Collectible – Bowser Keychain

Peaches is the key to Bowser’s heart. 

Created by Mela Mochi

Sticker – Black Voices In Gaming

Sticker – Fakemon & Trainers

We imagined ourselves as world renowned trainers. Here we are with our Fakemon, Taki, and his evolved form. 

Sticker – Taki

Minifig – Mario Kart
Watch out for the blue shell! Each box received a random character from the popular racing game.


Tote Bag – Peaches, Peaches

She may be a princess but she’s a total bad ass. Why else would Mario & Bowser fight over her so often.

Created by Mela Mochi


Use our drink coaster while you’re gaming. Adulting unlocked!


Custom PlayStation 5 Controller

Now you’re truly gaming in style. Sir Castle Teees created an amazing controller. 

Check out their website to get your custom controller AND apparel!

Mini Arcade Game Cabinet

Taking it back to the classic era of gaming with this mini arcade cabinet. Not only is the custom cabinet fully detailed, it illuminates too!

Check out Mixed Hues page for all the amazing designs and items available for purchase.

Steam Games

A custom USB drive provided by Dames For Games. This cool collectible has 11 Steam games pre-installed for your enjoyment

Dames 4 Games Hoodie

Just in time for Fall. Show your support for Dames For Games in style.

Black Voices In Gaming Tee

Black Lion & Cub Card Deck

The brand is centered around a retired Nubian Warlord and his 2 young sons who follow cryptic clues and battle sinister enemies in ancient ruins around the world. 

Check out the website to find out more about the series.

Deity Quest (Limited Edition)