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September 2022 Unboxing

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Badge / Lanyard

Imagine if our Otaku was part of the Survey Corps! We would have reclaimed so much territory without Eren’s help :).

Book: Skin Of The Sea 

The books were provided by Sistah SciFi – the first Black owned book store focused on science fiction and fantasy in the United States~

Skin of the Sea is a young adult fantasy novel by Nigerian Welsh writer Natasha Bowen. Bowen’s debut novel follows Simi, a mami wata who travels across sea and land in search of the Supreme Creator after breaking a law that threatens the existence of all mami wata.

Book: Immortal Dark Manga

Immortal Dark is a Black supernatural martial arts manga about generational trauma.

Creator & writer: Enoch The Poet

Visit for more information about Immortal Dark Manga.

Collectible: Map
The world of Ale Iho is a fantasy world that we’ve created. Many of the collectibles included in this box will relate to this magical world!

Collectible: Coins
Our Master of Coin is from the Rebellious Grin Guild. 

The currency of Ale Iho shows a human and an elf, two of the original species that founded the captial of Foluke. The coin also has the formal greeting that Ihoians use. 

Visit the Master of Coin to learn more about their serviices. –

Collectible: Blerd O’ The Rings  Playing Cards

Each suit of cards were designed by a different artist.  The suits are representative of the different races within the the world of Ale Iho.

Reference the travel brochure to learn more about the different inhabitants.

The Jokers were created by Slim Jones


Collectible: The Lovers Oracle Card Deck

The House of Hymns worked with its House muses, as well as arts disciplined in various mediums, to produce a Black Fae inspired Oracle card deck call, The Lovers Oracle Deck.

The designs were created by Praline Roux, House Atriarch of the House of Hymns and crafted by Nana Luv.

The first two entries of this deck limited edition is The Lovers and The Star.

  • The Lovers take the lead in this deck and begins with the story of two Queer Black Fae prepared to make a promise under the The Tree of Life that they cannot break.
  • The Sun card features a Black merfae, finding the power to harvest fallen stars and set them adrift down river near The Tree of Life.


The Lovers Oracle card deck features their numerology and zodiac, and can be used with ones favorite tarot book, cultural practices, or simply to collect and enjoy the wonderful art our muses has created.

Collectible: Ale Iho Tourist Travel Guide

With the help of our travel guide, Kay, explore the magical world of Ale Iho! 

We provide a brief historical record of the world as well as some of the places you may want to check out during your visit.

You can listen to our audible version here.

Art: Fullmetal Alchemist + Fellowship Of The Ring
Gigi Murakami is one of the talented mangakas that reside north of Foluke (reference the Ale Iho map). 

Art: Kay, The Travel Guide
Created by Antonio Clark, one of the talented members of Ale Iho’s Artist Guild. 

Collectible: Magical Wands

Cast a spell with your own wand! These custom made wands were created by the Brown Sugar Fairies that live in Ruwa Cina (re: Ale Iho map).