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March 2024 Unboxing

Anime Soul Food

Thank you for your support.
Use the images or links in the caption to visit each creator’s site to learn more about them and support their other great works!
Let’s jump into it!


We’re so excited for you to check out our food themed box. The lanyard/badge is an amazing creation by the talented Luna Bunneh

Please check out her site for more amazing food inspired items.

Apron – The Noir Way Of The Otaku

A good chef is a prepared chef. Wearing your apron is only the first step in being prepared to make an excellent feast!

Otaku Noir’s Menu

Not sure what to order? We have plenty to select from. Can you catch all the anime references on our menu?

Chicken Karaage

An exclusive Foodiez creation by Luna Bunneh. What bento box would be complete without some chicken karaage?


Geeks and Grubs
Chef Mary of Geeks & Grubs, created four amazing recipes for you to try. 

The Seafood Marynade is the first collectible recipe card in her new Marynade series!

She also provided cool stickers to go with the recipe cards.

Brooklyn Tea

Founded by husband and wife team Jamila Wright and official Tea Sommelier Alfonso Wright, Brooklyn Tea has become the hot spot for tea enthusiasts everywhere! If you love tea as much as we do, Brooklyn Tea is definitely for you. 

Cucumber Melon Green

  • Mesmerizing summer detox tea with refreshing sweet flavor perfect for ice brewing.

Iron Goddess of Mercy

  • An expertly crafted Taiwanese tea with an aroma of roasted chestnuts and notes of apricot.

Cereal Boxes

We randomly inserted a Cinnamon Toast Munch or Homey O’s in each box. 

Each box comes with 2 stickers, a pin and a keychain.

Ramen Bowls 

The bowls are microwave-safe.

  • Fortune Cookies

Each cookie is unique with a different fortune inside. Here is a list of the fortunes that you may have received.

  • Believe in your own power.
  • See You Space Cowboy
  • Lucky #s: 15, 30, 37, 38, 45, 47
  • Go Beyond! Plus..Ultra!
  • Support Your Local Artist
  • You’ll Be King Of The Pirates!
  • Donut Worry Be Happy.
  • I Am The Hope Of The Universe.


Each box received a pair of 8.5-inch long chopsticks that comes in its own brocade case.

Chopstick Rests

Made by Baz, these rests are produced from the finest hand picked, first grade, select raw lumber that are void of defects. Handcrafted to the finest of quality for your eating pleasure. 
OVER 9000

♥️ YUM ♥️

Anime Trivia Challenge: Black Ramen Volume 1

While you’re waiting for your meals to finish, check out this new trivia book by Black Ramen Podcast.

With over 500 questions separated into various challenges, there is no chance of a perfect score.

Foodiez Coloring Book, Part 2

Not much for trivia? Then keep your mind busy with Luna Bunneh’s latest book that is filled with over 40 pages of coloring pages and activities.

Filled with her personal creations, each page will be a joy to complete.


Thank you for stopping by our food stall. We hope you take our collectible keychain home with you 🙂