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Let Her Cook!! With Mary Lou Davis

By. Blerds Eye View

We are talking to Mary Lou Davis aka @geeksandgrubs!!! Chef Mary Lou Davis, the San Antonio native who took second place in the 19th season of the TV cooking competition Hell’s Kitchen, is more than just your average chef: she’s also an avid cosplayer.

Chef Mary Lou combines her love of cooking food and love of cosplay to create her own unique brand, apply-named Geeks & Grubs. She uses concepts from different movies, tv shows, and fandoms to create innovative, unique dishes that characters and fans of those programs would love. She attends cosplays, cooks for conventions, and hosts pop-ups in different cities around the US. Chef Mary Lou is seasoned in cooking cuisines from all over the world and enjoys challenging herself to try new recipes and cosplays.

Plus WGA and SAG talks, Jason Statham as who?