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June 2023 Unboxing


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Let’s jump into it!

Demon Slayer  X  Jim Lee X-Men Poster, Part 2 of 4

In 2023, each box will have 1 part of our homage to Jim Lee’s classic X-Men covers. 

Our second box features Zenitsu, Inosuke & Tengen.

What will be in our next box? 

Lanyard / Badge

Sticker – Blerd x Otaku Hologram

T-Shirt: Blerd 2023

Celebrate Black Nerd culture with us while standing out from the crowd and make a statement with our exclusive ‘Blerd x Otaku Noir’ limited edition tee.

Blerd Butter – Organic Shea Butter

Manga – Ten Pinz

By Dominic Jimenez

Autographed by the creator, Dominic Jimenez, Ten Pinz is the world’s first bowling manga.

Adrian Fisher, your average 15 year old kid discovers bowling, and a hidden technique that with the proper training can take him to the top.

Through hyper-focus, and calming his emotions, Adrian hones his crane technique against the evil forces of despair.

Collectibles -Mini Figs

With the movie, Spider-Man: Across The Multiverse, being released recently, we felt it was appropriate to include several Spider-Men inside of the box. .