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December 2022 Unboxing


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2023 Blerd Cosplay Calendar

Celebrating Blerds in their cosplaying glory. Visit the calendar page to learn more about each cosplayer.

Badge / Lanyard

Soap & Lip Balm

By Geek’d Soap

Kick start your new year with our Mirko themed wellness products. 

Geek’d Soaps are not edible, please visit their website to learn more about their products.

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky
Novel by Kwame Mbalia
 Tristan Strong accidentally creates a hole into the Midpass, a world where ancient African gods clash with gods of African-American legend in the first book of a new series by Kwame Mbalia.

Between Magic & Dreams: Reclamation

Novel by Bryan Covington

After the duel that was to decide the fate of our reality, Kwen finds that even the best laid plans can collapse into ruin. The brighter tomorrow he fought for brings even more challenges. Having found the courage to accept the role given him, can he now find it within himself to face the darkness fueling the movement of the once halted New Light?

Hustle & Motivate (Vol. 2) or  Bad & Bushido (Vol. 3) 

Activity Books by In Fly We Trust 

Wonderfully detailed and informative, these adult activity books will help focus you on your challenges that may lay ahead of you.

Which volume did you receive?

In Fly We Trust combines “Realness with decadent beauty.” All their products are unique and they take pride in creating items that will lift the spirit.