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December 2021 Unboxing

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2022 Cosplay Calendar
By Otaku Noir Collection

Welcome the new year with photos of 13 super talented cosplayers of color. Scan the QR code to learn more about each cosplayer and listen to our curated Spotify playlist.

Lanyard / Badge

Wear your badge proudly to celebrate the beginning of another blerdtastic new year 🙂

Between Magic & Dreams
By Brian Covington

He’s been approached by someone that explains how he had been chosen to halt an oncoming cataclysm. He lacks skill, experience, and grit. He has to acquire these, in short order, to rise to the challenge and complete his task: To face an unknown foe that seeks to bring about the rebirth of forgotten time.

Check out Brian’s website for more information.

Rengoku Journal
By Blerd Creations

Set your thoughts ablaze in this journal. 2022 is your year, now write it down in your own journal.

Visit Blerd Creations for more apparel and accessories

Eye x Foot
By Mzatiwathu Banda

Eye x Foot tells the story of a young player destined to overcome personal setbacks to become a great soccer (futsal) player.

For more info about Eye x Foot and the author. Check out the website!

Orisha EXOS
By Sovereign Comics

The wildly popular Orishos Exos series has be redesigned as a manga. This is a super exclusive because this isn’t for retail until January 2022!

Visit Sovereign Comics to pick up all the other great comics/mangas coming your way!

Slim Jones Sticker

Post your Slim Jones sticker on social media and tag us (#OtakuNoir).

Demon Slayer Fan Art Prints
By Pancho Abalos

Each box randomly gets a 5×7 print on metallic finish card stock
Check out Pancho’s website for more great art!

The Antagonist #1
By Godhood Comics

Married supervillains Destructus and Ultima struggle to protect their family and keep their past a secret decades after retirement.

Godhood Comics is just one of many comics that is published by Godhood Comics. Visit their GodHood Comics’ site for more info.

By J. L. Johnson Jr.

Ennead is epic fantasy re-envisioned.

Travel through The Republic Kingdom of Athea alongside Inahtuu Kinisc, a burgeoning bounty hunter with a past worth running from.

Experience a tumultuous transfer of power as Queen Ellaria Shadoon works to solidify her grandmother’s legacy.

There is much more story to tell. Find out more on the Ennead website.

The Art of J.Cutt Coloring Book
By J.Cutt

63 pages of unique artwork from the multi-talented J.Cutt Productions. He is a freelance artist doing everything from logos and illustrations to commercials for a wide range of companies. 

Check out J.Cutt Production’s website to see all the cool content he creates!

Colored Pencils
By Charlotte’s Creative Corner

The 1st Black owned crayon and color pencil company.

Check out Charlotte’s website for other art supplies.


Each box got a different reversible plushie of our favorite Otaku. 🙂

Mini Figs

Tanjiro, Inosuke, Rengoku, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Mitsuri, and Giyu. Two of these slayers will be randomly included in your box.

Which did you get?