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Comedy, Nerdcore and more with Roxxy Haze and Guilla

By. Blerds Eye View

Guilla is a versatile rap artist, producer, and songwriter hailing from Houston. Known for his esoteric style and emphasis on percussion, his music draws inspiration from a diverse range of sounds and genres. With notable performances alongside acclaimed artists like Travis Scott, Skrillex, and Wu-Tang Clan, Guilla continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his unique blend of artistry and introspective lyrics.

Hailing from Houston and currently based in Los Angeles, Roxxy Haze is a versatile artist known for her stand-up comedy, writing, rapping, gaming, and content creation. With notable appearances on platforms like All Def and GWB, and collaborations alongside industry professionals such as Carl Jones (The Boondocks) and Clayton English (Marvel’s Hawkeye), Haze has built a dedicated following. Her distinctive style, combining nerdcore rap, razor-sharp wit, and clever wordplay, has resonated with fans, amassing a collective following of 90K across various social media platforms.