Top 10 Smartest DC Characters with Midnight Comics!

By Blerd’s Eyeview Who truly is the smartest on our top 10 list of DC characters? Tune in and find out!! Is Gear 5 Peak Cinema (for now) and more with Midnight Comics’ blerd couple, Lloyd and Natosha Jones!!

Calvin Chambers, Icarrus Metro Comics Founder

By Blerd’s Eyeview Blerd’s Eye View chatted with Calvin Chambers, Founder of Icarus Metro Comics. Icarus Metro produces comic books, short stories, film and animation, podcasting, video content, and more. Plus, we discuss the chair match that has the WWE envious, comic book faceoffs we need to see and is it ‘Bama Beatdown, Fade in […]

Bringing Games To Life Through Music

We chatted with Multiple NYX award winner, Chase Bethea. Chase has worked in the gaming industry for over a decade and has created music for dozens of games. Our conversation covered many topics from breaking into the industry, favorite games, the future of AI in audio engineering as well as diversity in the industry. You […]

Comedy, Nerdcore and more with Roxxy Haze and Guilla

By. Blerds Eye View Guilla is a versatile rap artist, producer, and songwriter hailing from Houston. Known for his esoteric style and emphasis on percussion, his music draws inspiration from a diverse range of sounds and genres. With notable performances alongside acclaimed artists like Travis Scott, Skrillex, and Wu-Tang Clan, Guilla continues to push boundaries […]

Building Our Table In Animation & Gaming

By Blerd’s Eyeview The crew chat with the Hotep, the founder of the Black Lion & Cub Universe. Black Lions & Cub universe is a family-friendly anime cartoon series, video game & comic launching July! THE BLACK LION AND CUBS SAGA: A retired Nubian Warlord & his 2 sons follow cryptic clues and battle sinister […]

Let Her Cook!! With Mary Lou Davis By. Blerds Eye View We are talking to Mary Lou Davis aka @geeksandgrubs!!! Chef Mary Lou Davis, the San Antonio native who took second place in the 19th season of the TV cooking competition Hell’s Kitchen, is more than just your average chef: she’s also an avid cosplayer. Chef Mary Lou combines her love […]

Getting Blerdy with Breshea Anglen

By. Blerds Eye View We’re talking to a rising star in the Blerd community! Breshea is a young adult fantasy author with a penchant for penning stories with magical realism, romance, and adventure, centering BIPOC characters. She attended Bowling Green State University and obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Education. After graduating from […]