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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Netflix Show

Avatar The Last Airbender - Netflix Show

By. Kay

Episode 1 – Aang

I’m writing this as I start Avatar The Last Airbender and I have to admit this, that opening is pure fire.  It has been more than a decade since I first watched the animated series and this gives me a similar feeling of awe. Starting the show off on a night with the comet blazing across the sky was a great choice to set this apart from the animated series. You just get suck into the colors or should I say the lighting choice.  You go more than a minute before you see the first elemental bending, and then the second, and it’s amazing.

It feels like you are in their world; it’s almost as if the fire is coming at you, the earth is moving.  I could go on about the bending but I won’t you should see it for yourself. You see something different from the animated series within the first 5 minutes.  You are introduced to the Fire Lord and get to see his calculative nature, pure genius, and tactical smarts. Ok don’t mistake this as me supporting the Fire Nation but give credit where it is due.

Sozin may be crazy and power-hungry but he had a great plan. Distract your enemies and put them where you want them.  Seeing fire’s destructive nature, then jump to the opening credits. Kiyoshi saying the words that we all know are beautiful. Watching each discipline, each power comes alive in a way that animated series couldn’t do. Sure it’s exposition but it’s done in my opinion masterfully.

Again I say this was an amazing choice to have this be the beginning versus meeting Katara and Sokka.

That first view of Aang flying as the opening sequence transitions from fire to land is worthy of a screen capture and then you are finally hit with the title card. It could be brown, just brush strokes of gold, but I’m watching Avatar on a laptop.

Air nomads

Looking at the Southern Air nomads and how it is full of life is heartbreaking. 

Knowing what will happen, you see the Air Nomads enjoying themselves.

Brother Gyasto is there for Aang and just in general. It almost makes me wish that I was going into this show with no knowledge of it. To live in each moment scene by scene. I purposely did not rewatch the series before being a bit more in the moment.

So now that the first episode of Avatar The Last Airbender is over how does it rate To be honest it’s good. I can say that I liked this opening more than the animated version.

If you haven’t watched the live action do so and be open-minded.

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