September 2023 Unboxing

NEW GAME+ MYSTERY BOX Thank you to Dames For Games and Black Voices In Gaming for collaborating with us. Use the links in the caption to visit each creator’s page to learn more about them and support their other great works! Let’s jump into it! Demon Slayer  X  Jim Lee X-Men Poster, Part 3 of […]

Ahsoka’s Plot Device

Alright, so let me start off by saying no I did not watch all the cartoons and other shows that one needs to see before starting Ahsoka. So my knowledge of who she is as a character comes from The Mandalorian. Should I probably go back and watch everything, meh who knows but I’m probably […]

War Games 2023!!

By Blerd’s Eyeview We talk gaming wars and worst games to date! What’s the deal with Baldur’s Gate 3? Harry Potter: Legacy had a massive drop and can EA take top spot?

Top 10 Smartest DC Characters with Midnight Comics!

By Blerd’s Eyeview Who truly is the smartest on our top 10 list of DC characters? Tune in and find out!! Is Gear 5 Peak Cinema (for now) and more with Midnight Comics’ blerd couple, Lloyd and Natosha Jones!!

Calvin Chambers, Icarrus Metro Comics Founder

By Blerd’s Eyeview Blerd’s Eye View chatted with Calvin Chambers, Founder of Icarus Metro Comics. Icarus Metro produces comic books, short stories, film and animation, podcasting, video content, and more. Plus, we discuss the chair match that has the WWE envious, comic book faceoffs we need to see and is it ‘Bama Beatdown, Fade in […]

Strikes, Strikeouts and Striking While The Iron’s Hot!!

By Blerd’s Eyeview With all the MCU has offered on Disney plus, you would assume the masses would be happy!! Unfortunately, most aren’t. Is it storyline, character development or something else? Tap in with The Crew as they breakdown some episodes and theories as to why the numbers are slipping? Plus, can the strike last […]

Conventions, Con Crunch and Cree Summer!!

By Blerd’s Eye View The Crew returns with Season 11 and what have we been doing in our off time? Hitting the convention circuits!! BlerdCon, SDCC, Dreamcon. Yeah, we were at all of them and we’re back dropping all the highs and lows as only we can bring it!! Plus. our premiere of our one […]