Hurry, The Order Window Closes Soon!

Ahsoka’s Plot Device

Alright, so let me start off by saying no I did not watch all the cartoons and other shows that one needs to see before starting Ahsoka. So my knowledge of who she is as a character comes from The Mandalorian. Should I probably go back and watch everything, meh who knows but I’m probably not gonna do it.

So now that I have admitted to not being a big Star Wars watch-everything-type-of-fan, let’s get on with the show!

The first few episodes have been interesting and are keeping my attention.  But I want to say the visuals of this show are just… hmm I don’t even know if stellar is the best word.  I mean visually it is so beautiful. There are so many scenes that could become art, just beautiful backgrounds. If there is one thing these shows are doing well it’s the details.  

In the recent episode of the 3 Hokages Podcast, I previously stated that I have issues with the predictability of these shows and that’s still the case. Episode 4 was a good episode and the fight scenes were interesting but again with Sabine being Sabine. 

Ahsoka – as a character I like that she’s a bit too stoic but that’s fine. It fits and she gets the job done. 


She is just a plot device at this point. Everything she does is just to move the story forward.  In the beginning what does she do, she takes the stupid map and it gets taken from her. What does she do in this episode (spoilers if you haven’t seen it!); she hands the frigging map to Baylan Skoll. I mean she does this probably as part of some off screen plan that if they do get separated she has a tracker or something. 

It’s just that I am getting tired of it. While I understand that it is definitely necessary for the show I just wish it would be better disguised. 

There is a moment in the episode where Ahsoka and Sabine are talking about knowing what to do and in that moment you know precisely where the episode will take you. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m having a hard time just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the show. Maybe I need to pick up a book.

Marrok was dispatched far too easily. It was a good fight and with the episode only being 42 minutes long with multiple fights to display I kind of get it. 

Let’s see there was Ahsoka & Sabine with the droids, Ahsoka with Marrok, Sabine with Hati (I have thoughts) and finally Ahsoka with Baylan (which I had to watch twice). Is there too much going on to complete in 8 episodes, most likely. 

Oh, I nearly forgot. Can someone explain whose child Hera has adopted, cause that was a shocker. I’m no expert on alien genetics but uh, ain’t no way that child could be hers. I mean Twi’leks might be humanoid but they definitely aren’t that humanoid.  Now if anyone knows if they can reproduce with humans please let me know. Actually maybe don’t! I don’t need any references.

Well that’s my far too long look back on A Fallen Jedi. 

Oh yeah because if you haven’t seen it the Fallen Jedi returns in the world between. Anakin is back in a fashion. 

Well see ya next episode!!!!!