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Becoming Dura from Stranger Comics and experiencing Sebastian’s (the creator of Dura) reaction at his booth during New York Comic Con! I loved experiencing how happy he was seeing his character come to life!

High Fantasy mainly because I love to achieve elaborate makeup looks but lately I have really been enjoying cosplaying different League of Legends champions.
I love cosplaying villains and deities. Villains always have the best outfits and the edge lord personality and aesthetic resonates with me. I love cosplay and deities because of the ethereal nature it invokes.
  • RISE – League of Legends
  • Misfit Toys – Pusha T

I always love costumes and dressing up since I was a little girl. It was the summer of 2012 when I was first exposed to Otakon in the Baltimore harbor. I was incredibly enamored and shocked by all of the creative and whimsical talent of the cosplayers that I saw parading around the convention center

My favorite cosplay currently would have to be the hexadecimal/ maleficent mashup. These two femme fatales are childhood favorites that I had to bring to life
I love cosplaying villains and deities. Villains always have the best outfits and the edge lord personality and aesthetic resonates with me. I love cosplay and deities because of the ethereal nature it invokes.
  • IG: Sayonay_Cosplay 
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I shoot majority of my photos but I love working with cosplay collaborations with my photographer @esinnejstudio. She does such incredible work and has great talent. Her vision always meshes well with my ideas and the final product is always fire.

Oh wow! This is such an incredibly hard question to answer. I wouldn’t be able to give a clear answer but I can say the two genres that resonate with me the most is 80s and 90s r&b as well as 2000s punk rock.

A friend of mine suggested that we take my 1& 6 year Olds to the DC zoo for Halloween in costume. Then he “suggested” going to this thing called a Comic-Con in Baltimore. Stupid me said yeah why not. Here we are 15 years later, and well here we are… I’m still at it. I’ve made well over 200 costumes. I’ve been in a number of contests, as Contestant and judge. I’ve been in a few publications as well as a comic book. I’ve been in a number of movies. All because a friend said let’s go to the zoo in costume.

I don’t have one particular moment. I’ve had moments over the years. From meeting Stan Lee multiple times, to meeting the creators of multiple characters that I’ve portrayed, cosplay has been a number of moments for me. Saying that, some of my favorite times have been interacting with the celebrities I’ve met. I’ve had some very fun encounters.
I’ve done many characters. Depending on who you talk to, some may say Thanos, while others will say Baba (T’Chaka). Meanwhile some if my favorites also include Saw Guerrera, Orko, and Kitt Pryde.
  • IG: Scorpking.costuming and bigsmu
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  1. DMX: Who We Be
  2. DMX: X is Coming
  3. KRS One: Step into a World
  4. Nas: NY State of Mind
  5. Wu-Tang: Enter the 36 Chambers
  6. ODB: Brooklyn Zoo
  7. Wu-Tang: Triumph
  8. Eric B & Rakim: Don’t Sweat the Technique

 I got interested in Cosplay from seeing other cosplayers while waiting in line at Free Comic Book Day my local Comic Shop back in 2010

Debuting my Original Pikachu Luchador Cosplay 
My favorite Genre to Cosplay is Tokusatsu, Comics, and Pro Wrestling 
  • IG: static_jones
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  • TikTok: static_jones

I’ve always been interested in nerd culture and when I came back from living in Japan I stumbled across Yaya Hans cosplay from Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones is my favorite literary work of all time and I just didn’t know that was something people could do. So I started dabbling into it then and it quickly became an passion.

I’ve had so many wonderful cosplay moments it’s hard to choose, but having Nickelodeon acknowledging and featuring my work for my Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra cosplays! Atla It’s one of my favorite phantoms and it was awesome to have it embraced so positively. 
It’s really hard to pick a favorite cosplay because I have attachment to all of them in some way or another even if it’s just esthetics. however I really do enjoy cosplaying Akuma from street fighter! It was one of my very first gender bend cosplays, and the character is just bad ass. I love seeing the reactions of people when they see me cause playing Akuma at conventions.
  • FB: @tranquilashess
  • IG: @tranquil_ashes
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  1. Am I Dreaming – Metro Booming
  2. Rolling in the Deep – Adele

My favorite cosplay moment will always be my 1st time attending a convention.  I cosplayed as black cat from Spiderman the animated series. Seeing others in cosplay was incredible, not really thinking about my own cosplay.  I just remember feeling euphoric and being scared to ask for photos of people that had big crowds around them. 

 I do not have a particular genre I prefer to cosplay, however Maki from Fire Force is a favorite of mine. 

 Spiderman/Zentai suits easy cause the suit in its self is easy to put on…plus it’s form fitting and I’ve learned to be comfortable in it. Plus dancer’s belts ain’t that bad to me.

  1. Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood
  2. Strobelite – Gorillaz

Funny story about that. A friend for me interested. She didn’t want to go to a con by herself and she wanted to dress up. So I said I’d do it with her. I never knew there was an entire career for it, and with the may my creativity needs to be scratched, this is the perfect path for me.

My favorite moment is when people know the character and play along with it. For example, when I did Carmen San Diego, there were people yelling “I FOUND HER” and of course I played my part and ran off. Gives me really good vibes and an extra dose of serotonin.

I love cosplay Villains. I don’t know why but I feel like it completes me. Or it could be that it gives me a chance to cosplay something completely different from what I normally do.

IG: mutantglue
TikTok: mutantglue

  1. Cure for Me – Aurora

  2. Who’s That Girl – Eve

Seeing @hellspawned_cosplay do black He-Man with the Afro. 

My first Blerdcon. Showed up as Rengoku and seeing the other demon slayer cosplays and even though I knew no one, it felt like a family reunion during the photo shoot.

I like all genres but mostly the black characters that I feel connected to and that I can represent well.

@Bke4life on all platforms 

  1. Lose yourself – Eminem
  2. When doves cry – Prince

I’ve always loved the idea of dressing up but couldn’t afford to do so growing up, and well one day in 2015 after getting my job at Walmart and realizing I was working to do absolutely nothing, my dorm-mate from job corps told me to come to a cosplay convention. From that time I was in love with the friendly atmosphere and feeling of “I belonged” there. 

I have too many to count, (laughs) but if I had to pick only one in general…it’s have to be when a cosplay group comes together and works so well you forget that people are watching you and you take in the moment that y’all are having fun collectively. 

 Spiderman/Zentai suits easy cause the suit in its self is easy to put on…plus it’s form fitting and I’ve learned to be comfortable in it. Plus dancer’s belts ain’t that bad to me.

  1. GBsnapshots
  2. Ikre8 Images
  3. Cosripmag
  1. Locked in – Trick Williams Theme
  2. 3 sword style – Gameboy Jones

My name is Chocolate Cheri’e (pronounced “Cherry”) Delight and I’ve been cosplaying consistently for a little over two years now. I say consistently because I’ve been cosplaying every Halloween since before I knew there was a word for it.

For me, cosplaying is therapeutic–a way for me to express myself artistically. Being a single mom on a budget but also someone who’s a stickler for detail, I enjoy challenging myself to complete cosplay looks with whatever affordable materials I have on hand!

Most recently, a favorite cosplay moment of mine was doing Kat Elliot from Wendell and Wild, which is featured in this calendar! The boombox from the movie is very detailed and one of her signature props. I was able to make it with boxes, spare cassette tapes, hot glue, and bottle tops! I’m very proud of how it turned out and, while she isn’t the most known character just yet, I was recognized on Halloween while taking my niece to a Walmart! WIN!!

I don’t so much think that my cosplaying could fit in a particular category except to say that I REALLY enjoy Halloween looks!

Costober (a time during Halloween where many cosplayers go all out for the month of October) has to be my busiest time of the year because I work to push myself to new limits for my favorite holiday!

  • TikTok: chocolatecheriedelight
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  • X/Twitter: ChocoCherieD

I also HIGHLY encourage you to follow my friend and photographer Ashanti Blair on all of her photography social medias—especially to catch sneak peeks and first looks of myself and many other cosplayers! Her website is and her Facebook and Instagram are @shunbimages!

Here’s hoping I get to meet you at a con one day!

  •  Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato
  • Good Thing – Khelani

I saw Shellanin in her chun li outfit and I was so excited to see a black women in the cosplay space that it made me feel like it was possible for me as well

When I had children come up to me and tell me I’ve inspired them to cosplay or be their nerdy little selves

Honestly anything that makes me feel cute but I love gender bending characters and making them sassy 

  • TikTok: Jai..sensei
  • Ig: Jaisensei_
  • SnapChat:Jai_Sensei
  • X/Twitter: Jaisensei

Everybody – Niki Minaj

I started cosplaying before I even knew what cosplaying was. It typically coincided with me doing martial arts performances or reenacting famous fight scenes while dressed in character. I performed several times reenacting the fight scene from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as Darth Maul

One that really stands out for me was getting the chance to meet and talk to one of my favorite voice actors, Fred Tatasciore at DragonCon and then meeting again at GalaxyCon in a different cosplay and him still recognizing me. I’ve been unrecognized by mutuals standing right next to them, ha!

Oh, I have so many, but for recent favorites, I’d say Inuyasha and Nightcrawler.

@Rule19Cosplay on all platforms

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Vanguard Cosplay Handler Syndicate

  1. Wild Muthaf***as – Naughty By Nature feat Lil Jon & Chyna Whyte
  2. Broken Pieces Shine – Evanescence

  3. My Anger’s My Weakness – Piquaso Dongottaghost