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2022 Cosplay Models (In Order Of Appearance)

Cover: Sixth Raikage

I absolutely love cosplaying. I wish I would of known about cosplay years ago.

My favorite moment in cosplay, was when I cosplayed as one of  Mauler Twins (Invincible) and getting the opportunity to meet some of my favorite cosplayers (Venture__bros, Tranquil_Ash and Ccthegeek) and geeking out with them.  Also, always getting to cosplay with my great friend Dominator.cos.

Anime is definitely my favorite genre to cosplay, especially now that the POC Community is getting more representation.

One of my favorite songs are “River” by Leon Bridges, and “The Wiz” by Dear Silas.

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January: Midnight Pursona

I’m MidnightPursona and I’m your friendly neighborhood mom-friend cosplayer! I really enjoy creating, styling, and shooting cosplays! I’ve been doing this since 2009 and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

What got you interested in cosplaying?


Back in 2009, I went to my first convention, I walked in the room and saw people dressed up and it BLEW my mind. I had already known how to sew (I was teaching myself) and so it was amazing to see other people use their talents this way. SO I started doing research into the hobby and jumped right in! By 2010 I was doing my first cosplay masquerade!

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

These moments are so difficult to choose because I either don’t remember any or I have soo many! I think my favorite moments are always when someone says that my cosplay made them smile or made their day.

What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?

Normally most people know me for my Nintendo, I really adore doing wholesome cosplay and fun quirky characters like Isabelle from ACNH! Though every once and a while I like to surprise people by pulling a cosplay out of nowhere or doing something more serious. My favorite “surprise” cosplay was doing Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts and shaving my head!

Songs that inspire me are “Juice” by Lizzo, and “Villain” by K/DA.

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February: Black McCoy

 What got you interested in cosplaying?
I can’t pinpoint the exact moment. Ever since I was a child I always loved putting on different items and pretending to be someone else. I didn’t “officially” start cosplaying until high school though.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?
My favorite cosplay moment had to be when I first cosplayed Beast for Halloween one year. The looks in the office and on the metro were priceless.

What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?
I wish I could say, but I only cosplay characters I have personal connection to and those span different genres. I will say I have a deep love for Digimon though, haha.

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo” by Linked Horizon is currently one of my favorite songs.

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March: Ascheley Does Cosplay

What got you interested in cosplaying?

As a kid I wanted to design clothing. Then I discovered cosplay as an adult and fell in love with the process of making something so fun and exciting and being a to wear it myself.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

My favorite cosplay moment is whenever I wear something not super popular and still getting the few people who are in the know and excited.

What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?

 I don’t think I have a specific favorite character, but usually anything Disney or fantasy I quite enjoy.

Two of my favorite songs are “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, and  “Miracles Happen” by Myra.

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April: Hellspawned Cosplay

I got into cosplay after I divorced my ex-wife. We used to compete in bodybuilding competitions together and I needed a new hobby that I could do on my own. I had been collecting comics and action figures since I was 4 years old so it was a natural transition for me.

I have a few moments in my cosplay career that are my favorite. From being invited to be Heimdall in a massive Marvel photo/video shoot in New York to my son being in numerous cosplays with me. I think the one that stands out the most is being Spawn in King Vader’s Season 5 Finale. I flew out to L.A. for a night to shoot scenes with him as Blade and his Ghost Rider, Raul. I am the only person other than Michael Jai White to be that character, filmed in Hollywood and released on a major platform. As a fan of Spawn since 1996…having his image tattooed on me in various places…it was a crowning achievement for me as a fan and cosplayer.

My favorite character to cosplay is Kratos…no, Sub-Zero…no He-Man…dang. Kratos. Definitely Kratos. He was my first cosplay and the one I most identified with for a very long time. Until I did Spawn.

My two songs that motivate and inspire me are “Starboy” by The Weeknd and “Icon” by Jaden Smith.

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May: La Nerdy Bae

What got you interested in cosplaying?

I started my cosplay journey in 2017 at New York Comic Con. The motivation came after I finished watching Kill La Kill and really appreciating the character Ryuko Matoi. Starting my journey with this cosplay was very liberating because it helped me feel more comfortable with my body.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

In 2019, I went to the Black Comix Expo at the Brooklyn Academy of Music cosplaying Shuri from the Black Panther movie. While I was walking around and taking pictures with other cosplayers, a young Black girl walked up to me with her mom for a picture. She was so excited to see my Shuri cosplay and take a picture with me. That moment really melted my heart and every time I think about it, I can’t help but smile.

What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?

I absolutely love cosplaying Power Man. I started cosplaying this classic version of Luke Cage in 2018 at Big Apple Con. I feel like his abilities are a commentary on violence against Black people in America. Every time I wear this cosplay I feel a rush of confidence and joy.

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June: Venture Bros

I got into cosplaying originally because I wanted to have a good time with some of the anime cosplayers I met. One of my favorite cosplays is as Super Mario.

My favorite genre to actually cosplay is anime. I was recently recognized by Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop’s social media account when i cosplayed as Jet Black.

My favorite songs are “Kakatte Koi yo” by NakamuraEmi and “Get At Me Dog” by DMX.

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July: MzzSkittles

What got you interested in cosplaying?

Conventions, I had been attending local conventions for years before I decided to start cosplaying in 2017.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

My favorite cosplay is my Sailor Storm mashup.

What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?

Sailor Storm is a mashup of Sailor Moon’s Usagi and Marvel’s Storm.

One of my favorite songs is “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

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August: Onkey & Juiceman

Onkey Cosplay:

What got you interested in cosplaying?

My partner, Juiceman Cosplay got me into cosplaying. He thought that I would be good at it and that I have a cute face. I began participating in cosplaying for charity events. It’s been a great experience so far and I really enjoy being a part of the Black cosplay community. 

What is your favorite cosplay moment? What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?

My favorite cosplay moment was meeting Phil Lamarr at Terrificon in 2019. He liked my “Low Key KiKi” (I was in a KiKi’s Delivery Service dress from Hot Topic and my bow) cosplay. He called me cute and commented on my instagram post! 

My favorite cosplays are KiKi from KiKi’s Delivery Service and Miles Morales. They are my two least labor intensive and most comfortable cosplays. 

My favorite song is “Kissing You” by Des’ree.

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Juiceman Cosplay:  

What got you interested in cosplaying?

I got into cosplay officially in 2017 to help a charity cosplay group called ‘The Band of Heroes“. I thought Onkey would be good at it and I convinced her to try it out. She began participating in cosplaying for charity events.

What is your favorite cosplay moment? What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?

My favorite cosplay moment would have to be debuting my Black Panther/ Black Panther mashup at Katsucon in 2018. Wasn’t expecting all the love I got from it! It’s a toss up between Spiderman and Black Panther for favorite character; but the superhero genre is my favorite to cosplay from.

My favorite song is “Rigamortus” by Kendrick Lamar.

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September: Genevieve

My name is Genevieve and I’m super into anything horror, fantasy and sci-fi. I’m also really into fitness; specifically powerlifting.

I also absolutely love anime and I recently got into cosplay. The Predator has always been my number 1 favorite alien character so I jumped at the opportunity to commission a suit and join the ranks of my fellow hunters/huntresses. My character is know as the “Valkyrie.”

My two songs that motivate me are “Start a Riot” by Duckwrth and Shaboozey “Schism” by Tool.

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October: Sydney

What got you interested in cosplaying?

When I was a kid, I used to see cosplayers at cons who looked so amazing and I really wanted to be them. Even when I got into my teens though, I didn’t really know if girls wore armor costumes and then I found Kamui Cosplay’s videos and she inspired me to make costumes myself.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

My favorite cosplay moment was at a convention where I was wearing my Witchblade cosplay and from behind me, someone yells “Witchblade is my favorite comic, too!!” And it just felt really cool to not only be recognized but to also meet someone who loved the same character I did.

What character/genre is your favorite to cosplay?

Comic book cosplays are my favorite and I have a very, very soft spot for Bruce Wayne/Batman. I have two Batsuits in the works and another I want to start soon.

My sons that motivate me are “Evil” by AViVA, and “FWTB” fr. Grandson by Yonaka.

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November: Don The Blasian Demon

My name is Don Thompson, aka Don the Blasian Demon. Growing up in Tokyo, I was surrounded by anime, video games, and comics. So I was used to it. I learned what cosplay was in 2011 when I went to SDCC by accident. I officially started cosplaying in 2015 when a friend invited me to a local con here in Jacksonville, FL.

I have a few favorite cosplay moments, actually. But if I had to choose just one, it would be this one instance where this young man told me that seeing me in action gave him the inspiration and strength to fight his depression and better himself, as he was going through a rough time in his life. As someone who has been there, that meant a lot to me.

I mainly cosplay video game/comic book characters. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the characters I cosplay are kings, gods, demons, and warriors. If I had to choose my top 3, it would be Godzilla, Black Panther, Dante and Vergil from the Devil May Cry series.

Scattering the Ashes” by Trivium, and “So Many Tears” by Tupac are two of my favorite songs.

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December: Naught_3

I got into cosplay because of my husband. He was always in my ear telling me to try it. We went to cons and I never dressed up but I LOVED seeing all the cosplayers.

My favorite cosplay moment is when I finally decided to do my closet cosplay of Sindel, even though at the time I felt it wasn’t that good. Everyone ended up really liking it and showing lots of support.

My favorite genre would have to be villains. I like playing the bad guy. It’s more of a switch up/challenge to get the part right.

The song that motivates me right now is “Pray For Me” by Kendrick Lamar, Weekend.

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